Sheroes #7: Etta James Press Release

Sheroes #7: Etta James

Thursday, February 23, 2012. 10PM.
The Beaver (1192 Queen Street West)
Contact: Rea McNamara <totallyeffyeahsheroes [at] gmail [dot] com>

(L) A screen grab of a digital animation by A. Bill Miller that was commissioned for Sheroes #7: Etta James. (R) Sheroes #7 headliner, Lido Pimienta. Photo courtesy of Mickey Nielsen.

The Grid: “The Sheroes raison d’être, and the reason it succeeds, is that it’s cerebral while remaining fiercely emotional.”

Sheroes is a monthly art event series bringing together on and offline works that playfully and performatively explore the iconography and cultures of fandom surrounding an ever-expanding League of Legendary Ladies. Sheroes is committed to doing herstory right — reinterpreting and remixing the mythic woman-power that pervades digital and actual cultures, realizing new works from ephemeral and archival artifacts.

For Sheroes #7: Etta James, organizer Rea McNamara has commissioned an impressive lineup of local and international artists and performers. The up-from-the-ghetto roots of Etta James inspires original musical performances, digital animations, and interactive installations. Everything comes together in an immersive party atmosphere celebrating the “Matriarch”.

Performances by Colombian darling Lido Pimienta (recently featured in The Music Gallery’s New Music series), emcee extraordinaire Silk Degrees (AKA Tony Halmos), Sheroes salonnière reeraw and resident DJ NoLoves.

Digital Animations by The Global Junkie Elite, an animated GIF group show curated by Lorna Mills featuring the works of A. Bill Miller, Absis Minas, Andrew Benson, Anthony AntonellisDaniel Rehn, Emilie Gervais, Francoise GammaGaby Cepeda, Giselle Zatonyl, Grace McEvoy, Haruko Hirukawa, Helen Adamidou, Isaac Hicks, Jennifer Chan, Juan Manuel Morales, Lorna Mills, Oz Melo, Rea McNamara, Rollin Leonard, Sally McKay, Steph Parrott, Tony Halmos & Yoshi Sodeoka.

Interactive Art Installations by Rusiko and Smack of the Hand (AKA Brittany Bennington)

All Sheroes events are brainstormed and archived online at, uniting digital communities with real-time audiences in an ongoing exploration into fan culture and collaborative content creation.

Visit the Sheroes Archives for information on past events, as well our upcoming events.

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