Y’all know we dig that ingenious assexual hyperfemininity

The titz and glitz of Backwoods Barbie

Dolly Parton latest inductee to the League of Legendary Ladies

Sheroes will be presenting their latest event, Sheroes #9: Dolly Parton, on Thursday, April 26 at The Beaver (1192 Queen Street West).

The monthly, limited-run art party series — which brings together on and offline works that playfully and peformatively explore the iconography and fan culture surrounding the League of Legendary Ladies — will be headlined by singer/songwriter Ada Dahli of the Toronto urban folk collective Fedora Upside-Down.

For Sheroes #9: Dolly Parton, organizer Rea McNamara has commissioned an impressive lineup of local and international artists and performers. Inspired by the Backwoods Barbie’s artificial realness — those bodacious tah-tahs, that enduring grit and grace, the fact that she can play a mean banjo with those long nails — these performances, digital animations and interactive installations will reinterpret and remix for one night only our current muse.

Sheroes #9: Dolly Parton
Thursday, March 22, 2012. 11PM.
The Beaver (1192 Queen Street West)
Contact: Rea McNamara <totallyeffyeahsheroes(at)>

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Ada Dahli: Listen to the mournful joy of this talented up and coming Toronto singer/songwriter, who can be heard every Thursday at Fedora Upside-Down’s weekly music series at the legendary Cameron House

League of Legendary Ladies Karaoke: The Sheroes Quest continues with emcee extraodinaire Silk Degrees & Sheroes salonnière reeraw shifting the immersive party atmosphere into karaoke machine territory with League of Legendary Ladies Karaoke. (Expect JoniTinaMadonnaErykahMarianneDolly! All that, and more.) 

Interactive Installations

For Surgeon & Country: Artist Rusiko returns to the Sheroes fold with a Dollywood-inspired installation in The Beaver’s back patio. Expect sacrificial Backwoods Barbies, flowers, candles, butterflies and surgical gloves and pills.

Dolly Parton Mind Control: Videoart anarchist Emad Dabiri (AKAInfinity Dose) will present heavy video editing and strobing of Dolly’s imagery with late 70s/early 80s cold war imagery for our first VJ performance in the Beaver’s back patio.

Nail Art Bar: Our popular nail artist Smack of the Hand returns, offering Sheroes attendees PWYC Backwoods Barbie-inspired manis.


Above: a screen grab of a specially-commissioned animated GIF from Canadian artist Alex McLeod for Sheroes #9.

Digital Animations: Lorna Mills curates The Light Crust Dough Boys & Girls, a GIF group show projected on the walls of The Beaver.

The show will feature the works of A. Bill MillerAbsis MinasAlex McLeodAndrew BensonAnthony AntonellisChiara PassaDaniel RehnEmilie GervaisEmilio GomarizEva PapamargaritiFrancoise GammaGaby CepedaGeorges JacoteyGiselle ZatonylGrace McEvoyHaruko HirukawaHelen AdamidouIsaac Hicks,Jennifer ChanJuan Manuel MoralesLorna MillsManuel FernándezOz MeloRea McNamaraRollin LeonardSally McKay,Sarah WeisTony Halmos Yoshi Sodeoka.

Introducing the Sheroes Stan Residency Program

Sharing the Aca-Fan Knowledge: Meet Brad Horvath, our first Sheroes Stan. The filmmaker — who made the 2009 documentary The Book Lady on Dolly’s Imagination Library — is answering any Dolly stan questions this month. (You can see his facilitated Dolly discussions in our active Facebook group.)

What is Sheroes?

Sheroes is committed to doing herstory right — reinterpreting and remixing the mythic woman-power that pervades digital and actual cultures, realizing new works from ephemeral and archival artifacts.

Our next inductee into the League of Legendary Ladies will be Grace Jones on Thursday, May 24th at The Beaver. For further information regarding our upcoming events, click here.

All Sheroes events are brainstormed and archived online at, uniting digital communities with real-time audiences in an ongoing exploration into cultures of fandom and collaborative content creation.

Visit the Sheroes Archives for a catalogue of our past events.

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